Monday, April 28, 2014

Morning Glory

How do I begin in a room by myself?   helloooooo out there...  anybody here?  nope.  me.  
in a room that is far from from finished.

How does one share a process, a canvas ever changing? It's here in this room I imagine, paint the walls around me, think, live, sometimes hide. It's comfortable, alone in my creative process.
Left to myself, maybe this space could become just how I want it to be. a shelter.  Shelters are good, right?  safe.  a nice cozy place to be me.

Or I can expose. 

I can give.

I can show up.

I can live.

I can share.

I can open.

Want to come see?  you can. Stay as long as you'd like to stay, or go.  that's okay too.  Bring your canvas to paint. It could get crowded. Or it may just be you and me for now, for awhile? Is that okay with you? because that's okay with me. Let's make a mess and tell stories. Dream awake in color.  Make faces at the validation monster if she tries to come around. Open ourselves to the amazingness surrounding us.

Here is the sun shining through the windows...inspiring us to make our today world beautiful. 

And we will open to it.

(please imagine a photo here of beautiful, blue morning glories opening up to the sun.  As for now, this picture of my glitter toes next to little blue spring flowers will have to do.)

How are you making your today
world beautiful?
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