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Welcome to storybook-cottage!

I'm Linnet. I'm a thinker, dreamer, nurturer, and a creative. I'm also really cheap thrifty. I enjoy imaginary adventures, makeovers of all kinds, and treasure hunting at yard sales and other thrifty places.

It's been a dream of mine to some day live in a cottage.  a storybook cottage...the kind of a home found in a fairy tale or on the pages of vintage children's books. Not polished or fancy.  But a place of nature, nurture, and a place of dreams. (pretty much the kind where mice sew together last minute dresses for fancy dress balls, and blue birds sing on your shoulder)

For now I do. (minus whimsical mice and birds. Although there is a cardinal who consistently crashes into our bedroom window door-early.  EV-ER-Y morning. repeatedly. He really does.)

It's not always clean...it's busier with more comings and goings than my introverted self prefers... But it is real. It's our refuge. It's home.

Husband Dion, myself, our two girls Sara and Siri, and Kitty, live together in the enchanted forest.  It's still fairly new to us, although I'm not sure the miracle of it will ever be lost on me. Read our story and how we got here.

There are areas of our life that have played out much differently than the story we may have imagined.

And yet, there is BEAUTY to be discovered.
(when I allow myself to become aware of it) 

Vulnerable process to EMBRACE.
(when I set aside my insistent need to control or understand)

LIFE to be lived.
LOVE and GRACE to be given.
Miracles to RECEIVE.
Laughter to ENJOY.
A HOPE that is mine...that hope which is ours when we open ourselves to it.

Creativity encompasses all of that. Creativity uses our imagination to shape reality. And so this blog may not actually be magical (yes it is)

It may actually just be another blog on the internet centered around (thrifty) creative process. (pshh. just another blog.) Still, I think (hope) it could be magical. (it is magical)

And so though it's a somewhat vulnerable move, it's also my joy to share this part of myself with you.

(but also it IS magical. you'll see.)

Read very first post here.

using imagination
to create reality,

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