Thursday, April 30, 2015

a nasty old chair

There was once a nasty old chair.
It was first spotted sitting beside a trash can, one lot over from the Easter party Sara was attending.

"Could someone be throwing away that perfectly good chair?" said me.

Thus began the conversation with myself while waiting for Sara to come out.

There were other random chairs sitting in the yard, so I thought maybe they are not setting it out for the trash. Maybe they are using these scattered chairs for bases...or maybe it's a sitting down kick-ball kind of game these people were doing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gathering, Butterflies, and Other Projects

Well, that was a lazy title wasn't it.


How's everyone doing out there?!!!

What is everyone doing?

I've been in gathering mode.  

It's like hibernating, but with gathering.

It means I look for good deals and hoard buy a bunch of stuff.
This desk is my new crafting station.  It was only 10.00 on craigslist.

yay. yay.
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