Thursday, February 26, 2015

Barbie DIY Dream Ballroom Complete...a thrifty furniture and topiary how-to

I must be in denial about my winter lay-off time coming to an end, because I'm getting silly things done and not the big, important things.  

The silly things are much more fun.

This is one project I've worked on this week.
Sara's Barbie ballroom is finally complete with furnishings and plants.
But now that I'm looking at it, should those topiaries have one more ball of green stuff on the top, or would that off-balance the room? Maybe they would just look like green snowmen.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Wallet That Isn't Smart (Sequel to The Car With No Heart...)

This is the sequel to yesterday's post, The Car With No Heart.

Yesterday I ventured out in this southern snow storm of an inch or two, to Walmart.
Today I decided I had such luck finding deals yesterday, why not do it again?

But this time the road was 100% clear, no salt needed, all the way to Goodwill..with Sara who is yet another day out of school because of these hazardous southern conditions.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Car With No Heart...

In the midst of this icy cold week that has hit the south by storm...I decided I needed to go to Walmart today.  I was so proud of myself leaving the store.  I didn't buy anything!  
Then, after not buying anything, I re-entered the cold car, and tried to drive away. I couldn't drive away. "Why?" you ask, "Why couldn't you drive away? Was it because the stuff in the store was calling out to you?"

Possibly.  But more possible is that I couldn't drive away, because the car with no heart refused to start.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Robert of Liberty

It is a night like this that I wish I were better at expressing myself as a writer.

I wish to convey to you this feeling of fullness in my heart.

This is a story.  It is not about a specific project.  It does however capture the spirit of this blog-- using our imaginations and ideas to form our realities, and creating a beautiful today by recognizing the beauties surrounding us.  This the the story of The Robert of Liberty.  I hope that throughout this post you'll recognize that spirit in him.
Just a bit ago, Siri and I arrived back from what started as a somewhat silly idea, but ended up in that life category of "most fulfilling experiences".  

Maybe that's why it was so rewarding...because it began as a "I may or may not get around to it" idea, and then turned into about 20 minutes of meaningfulness.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Yup, that's all the s's I got out before they stopped working (in the title above).

Now they are working again.

But if you follow me here on FB, you already understand that this indecisive, one step away from evil keyboard will inactivate the s,x,w,@, and 2 keys at any moment.

So let me share with you a few photos and not say much about them.

Here is a photo of R (topped working) of R (tarted orking and then topped orking...incredible)

Here are a fe photo of R-number beteen 1 and 3-D-number beteen 1 and 3 again.

Found him here on the mantel at my brother' houe.
ee him?
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