Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Wallet That Isn't Smart (Sequel to The Car With No Heart...)

This is the sequel to yesterday's post, The Car With No Heart.

Yesterday I ventured out in this southern snow storm of an inch or two, to Walmart.
Today I decided I had such luck finding deals yesterday, why not do it again?

But this time the road was 100% clear, no salt needed, all the way to Goodwill..with Sara who is yet another day out of school because of these hazardous southern conditions.

I did buy things there.

You will like THESE things.

Because they are colorful and fun!

These ribbons were 3.19 for all 11 spools.
This lantern is something Sara found for her American Girl dolls. It lights up.  49 cents.
And this trophy for her Barbie school room for 29 cents.
Right now it says number 1 grandpa.
What should we make it say instead?
I took these purchases and my other find and we were off.

It was when I got home that we realized I didn't have my wallet or the house key, since the house key is attached to the wallet.

Yup.  It was at Goodwill.

So what other choice did we have but to go back.

And once there, how could I not notice this 100% cashmere scarf as I walked by?!
And once there, how could I not notice this like new raclette set as I walked by?!
"Thank you for taking such great care of my wallet," I said.  "Now I will buy these things from your fine establishment as well."

I went on to explain to the nice lady that this is not merely just a food warmer, but a social eating style similar to fondue but yet not really at all.

She was grateful for the information exchange.  I was grateful I could serve brother Jason and Krystal in law by buying them this nice set.  Now they will have two.  They will also pay me back, because first I called them and they said they wanted it.  My nice part was checking to see and making the purchase.

So this time the stuff gods were working in their favor.  

And I got cashmere.  all good.

To fight the winter blues, here's a little sunshine.  We love these guys!

Right now this is one of our favorites.  ring ring.
How are you making your today world beautiful?
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