Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Car With No Heart...

In the midst of this icy cold week that has hit the south by storm...I decided I needed to go to Walmart today.  I was so proud of myself leaving the store.  I didn't buy anything!  
Then, after not buying anything, I re-entered the cold car, and tried to drive away. I couldn't drive away. "Why?" you ask, "Why couldn't you drive away? Was it because the stuff in the store was calling out to you?"

Possibly.  But more possible is that I couldn't drive away, because the car with no heart refused to start.

As the snow accumulated onto the windshield, I put out a rescue call to husband Dion. After 10 minutes of trying all the things he told me to try, holding my cell phone up so he could hear, answering his questions that I didn't know how to answer...pretty much convincing him I really did need to be rescued, he said he would bundle up the girls, and I would have to drop him off at work.  
Oh, so it will be like 30 minutes then?  I guess I will have to go back into the Walmart and buy things.

You will be happy to know that what I bought was more interesting than vegetables.  Although I did buy lots of vegetables.
There was a row of 75% off Valentine's Day things!  


So I bought them.

All of this great stuff, including premium card stock and crafting papers, was mine to possess for the low price of 18 dollars.  I needed all of it.
Other than the card stock/paper, which was less than one dollar for 25 sheets, most of these things were 24 cents!

If husband Dion hadn't called twice to tell me he's there and ready, I may have had to go back for more.

The best part is none of it says Valentine's Day or Valentine on it.  And with daughters, hearts work for all things.
Husband Dion would probably tell you that the best part is that the car started on his first try.  

It's like the stuff gods knew my work was not done in Walmart today.  I will show my gratitude by making nice things for people from this stuff...that I needed all of...all of it.

And since we're talking hearts and weather patterns, can we get enough of this little boy? 
Not really.

Which photo do I like better?  Oh I don't about both.

How are you making your today world beautiful?
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  1. I am a nice reader and will comment as such :) I'm excited to see the projects that come from all of your stuff and also quite curious about your plywood and subsequent sawdust!

    1. Dear nice reader.

      Thank you.

      :) to you.

      I'm glad you mentioned the sawdust, because I've been working very hard, and can hardly wait to show you.

      I will now match your ! with an ! of my own. good day to you! L


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