Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gathering, Butterflies, and Other Projects

Well, that was a lazy title wasn't it.


How's everyone doing out there?!!!

What is everyone doing?

I've been in gathering mode.  

It's like hibernating, but with gathering.

It means I look for good deals and hoard buy a bunch of stuff.
This desk is my new crafting station.  It was only 10.00 on craigslist.

yay. yay.

I plan to use these for a little boy or girl's kitchen remake.  They're from Greece, but I found them for 3 dollars down the road.
over-sized metal locker cabinet...20 dollars at the flea market
 This pig says something in German about good luck.  I like the pig cutting boards, found for 1 dollar each at the flea market.  But if you were to slice bacon on the bottom cutting board, it could be ironic, because that pig would not have had very much luck.
for Tessa the Besta's future woodland creature home..1 dollar badger
vintage umbrella 2 dollars...featured on a penny (sister blog) here

These things are being gathered for Tessa and her foster sister's summer room re-make. 1 dollar for these.
1 dollar embroidered pillow with pearls made by an elderly lady, found at the flea market.  3 dollar lamp.  33 cent ribbon.  2 dollars for the rug I think.

 Mr. Hooper's store!  3 dollars.

But I think gathering mode has come to an end.

How do I know?  

Well, first of all, there is furniture/future projects piled up in my dining room..so much so that we can't use the door.
But even more so, I attended the 10 mile yard sale this weekend and all I saw was junk.


Typically I see all kinds of ideas and tell each object "You have potential.  YOU have potential.  and even YOU have potential."

But mostly there was junk. I did buy a little lamp for a dollar...but it is with the obvious remake of turning a lamp into a nicer lamp.  I even asked the lady if it works, something my "must do a project" brain normally wouldn't take time to consider.
I've also been gathering for Sara's upcoming 11th birthday party...a "french tea".
Stand for something and then eventually for my gallons of paint...5 dollars.  French planter...8 dollars.  Vintage globe for Tessa's room, a big splurge for 23 dollars...Sara's vintage dress for her party...5 dollars.  Wine boxes 8 dollars for two. 
Also Sara has decided she would like to go to Paris.  This has initiated a 5-11 year (her timeline) business plan (FUN-draising) for her to accomplish that.

Her first venture was "My Butterfly Business", where she went to the 10 mile yard sale and sold butterfly-like things she made.  In the end, I may have put in more time than she did...like lots and lots more time.  Like "if we were on a see-saw, it wouldn't be any fun" more time.
 She painted these butterfly wind chimes from the dollar store, then I mod-podged them for her.
 flower hair clips

She still has some inventory that we'll try posting/selling on fb.

The car show, when we bake 85 boxes of brownies and sell them to raise money for Siri's medical trips, was also this weekend.  It was a lot of work, but highly successful! There are some really nice people out there aren't there.

You can read more about our "fun-draising" efforts here on this colorful post.
The castle doors are up on Sara's castle bed, thanks to good friend Caleb who helped me position, and drill, and went on an at least an hour long adventure to Home Depot for some bolts and such.  He also helped me put up the rock wall.

Still I'm not sure if I'm happy with the handle placement. It needs some finishing touches...Then I plan to write a castle bed post.

Last night I put together a few flower arrangements for Sara's principals and new teacher.  She had been bullied at school, and they helped her transition to a new class to get away from the girl that had been picking on her all year, eventually hurting her in the girl's bathroom.  (It's been rough.)The flowers were a thank you expression. Not my best talent...but still a lot of fun.
By arranging them myself, we were able to afford all of these pretty flowers for 18 dollars, including the containers.

This morning I did one of my favorite things,
which is, dreaming over paint color swatches.
I'm narrowing down the color palette for Tessa's room.  It is pretty exciting to be able to do her and her baby foster sister's room. Although, even at three Tessa has definitive likes and dislikes.  Matter of fact, even though I think they are super cute, most of my wonderful Super Fun Kids Room ideas pinned here on pinterest, were given the neigh by little Tessa the Besta. 

How are you making your today world beautiful?
Please share your latest project photos and stories with us on our group fb page here!

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