Friday, March 27, 2015

S-P-R-I-N-G...the beginnings of the beginnings of a garden

It is SPRING here in the Enchanted Forest.
That means flip flops, daffodils, and frogs that sing us to sleep at night.
What all the frogs are singing these nights.

Last week Sara and her loyal, neighbor friend helped plant our seeds to start indoors.
We planted all kinds of and tomatoes...strawberries and hollyhocks by root and various bulbs too.
This was the first time I've tried growing from roots.  We got these strawberry roots from Walmart for like 2.98 or some Walmartish price like that for 10 roots.  They come balled up like this in the bag.
Here they are as I began to loosen them up...
And here are all of them, some much larger than others.  One even had a tiny leaf on it.  One of our two bags had an extra.
To make our window shelf, I brought up plastic shelving from the garage, some boxes, and plastic sheeting.
To begin I lined each shelf with cardboard and then put plastic sheeting underneath each shelf, taping it up around the corners.

The shelves rest on my handy dandy moving wheels thing, and I laid lots of plastic underneath as well.  I wanted to be able to water them well, but AVOID sitting water on the floor.
I folded up a rag towel for the very bottom shelf as well.
Then labeled everything, because each year I think I'll remember, but I don't.  Once they begin coming up, I can usually identify what is what, but if something doesn't come up, I want to remember what we planted.

Many of them are already coming up...Sara's bulbs in her pretty pink round planter (of course)...cosmos, one strawberry, one pumpkin and the zinnias for sure.

Here are the zinnias after just a few days...
And here's what the zinnias looked like today, about a week after planting...
That was fast, right?!

The pumpkins today...
Yay for seeds that were less than 10 cents a package!

A few days back, my friendly co-worker and I were locker room talking about how rewarding it is to plant a seed and then later pick stuff, and then make something from that stuff to eat...and then be like I DID THAT!

And the seed was so tiny. And now I'M EATING THIS PUMPKIN!

or something like that.  maybe we didn't say "and now I'm eating this pumpkin".

no.  We didn't really say that.

These blossoms remind me of snow...
BUT SOOOO much BETTER, right?!!!

Yes.  That is right.

Also I'm pretty sure there are ants living inside my computer.  Is that possible?

How are you making your today world beautiful?
Please share your latest project photos and stories with us on our group fb page here!

my favorite one...Siri's too!

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