Thursday, April 30, 2015

a nasty old chair

There was once a nasty old chair.
It was first spotted sitting beside a trash can, one lot over from the Easter party Sara was attending.

"Could someone be throwing away that perfectly good chair?" said me.

Thus began the conversation with myself while waiting for Sara to come out.

There were other random chairs sitting in the yard, so I thought maybe they are not setting it out for the trash. Maybe they are using these scattered chairs for bases...or maybe it's a sitting down kick-ball kind of game these people were doing.
Nobody around.  Would I want to ask anyway?  no.

I watched the chair while thinking through the chance possibility of anyone wanting to keep this chair.  Finally I decided it is not nearly as nice as the other chairs, and it is clearly sitting directly beside the garbage can, out for the following trash day, while the other chairs are not.  I grabbed it as I wondered if I just stole a chair.

What if someone comes out and approaches the mini-van saying, "Excuse me lady, but did you just put our chair in your mini-van?? 

I wouldn't be able to be like, "no."

Why was Sara taking so long?

I don't even need a chair.  We have way too many chairs.  Chairs find me.

Unless they are bar-sized chairs.  Bar-sized chairs are just a glorified chair really.  Still their owners think highly of their bar-sized chairs, so they're harder to come by in my price range of free.

But this every-day, nasty old chair had potential...and no longer should it be the kind of chair that sits by the trash, having its ownership status questioned by passer-bys.

I realized how nasty it was once we were home.
It was banished from the house.
and then sat by the trash.

For a few weeks.

Until Tuesday when I became tired of looking at it.

Then I did this very quickly.  
I sanded it down and then grabbed this...
to do this...
also quickly and imperfectly.
And finally I left for work with it looking like this.
This kind of thing isn't my style.  Too recycled-countryish for me (go figure).
But it is better than a rotting chair on the porch.  And for now it is holding my toddler plants while proclaiming our family name.

It's okay.

It went from being a nasty old chair to an okay chair.

Someday I'll take some time to put super special back into it.

What are you doing to make your
today world beautiful?

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