Saturday, December 20, 2014

Be a GOOD Christmas Citizen--VoTe, VoTe, VoTe...

I became embarrassingly excited each time fb notified me to say someone had posted for the ornament contest.
Why is this turtle mad?
Thanks so much to those of you who have participated!  I look forward to trying some of these ideas next Christmas.  

I appreciate all the ideas being shared and seeing what YOU are up to...please please please keep sharing your crafty, DIY self, your ideas and projects, with us on our group fb page here .

Since there were no voiced objections, we're going to turn this into a friendly family competition. 

First prize is the most awesome bird house ever....Second prize is the life-changing Doodle Book...Third Prize is the storybook gnome ornament set. 

Share your ornaments this weekend, multiple times if you'd like, inbox your your ornament pics below...bribe your fb friends to come vote for your family... also you and each member of your family can vote.


THANK YOU! Welcome to storybook-cottage. After voting, please hang about and read a few stories if you'd like.  

Vote for your favorite ornament by leaving a comment below.  Include your first name and which family entry you're voting for in your comment.  You can vote here once a day for the next three days...Sat, Sun, and Mon. 

Each member of your family can vote, including your kiddos. One vote/person, once a day.

Your dogs, cats, and family turtle cannot vote.
Voting will wrap up on Monday, December 22nd at midnight.


First Entry:  The Plowmans
Sugar Forever Ornament Artist: Mellissa

Second Entry:  The Randolphs
Santa's Reindeer Artist:  John David, age 4

Thrid Entry:  The Balogs
Cinnamon Ornament Artist:  Marilyn (and the boys when they were sweet is that?!)

Fourth Entry:  The Bumbaughs

Glitter Ball Artist (one of a set--a thoughtful gift for their newlywed friends):  Gloria

Peppermint Star Artist:  Caleb, age 2

Peppermint Tree Artist:  Hailey, age 4  
Hailey says this one is her favorite.

Fifth Entry:  The Feltmans

Borax Snowflake Artists from left to right: Shayden, Preston, Jessica 

Borax Icicle Artist:  Allison

Sixth Entry:  The Portzlands
Crayon Glass Ball Artists listed clockwise, beginning with top left: Avery age 9, Anderson age 7, Alex age 5, and Anson age 10

Word on the street says these boys like to compete, so this could get interesting...

Seventh Entry:  The Emrichs
Pine Cone Christmas Tree Artist:  Nataley, age 6

A Secret Santa gift for her grandpa...shhhh

Eighth and Final Entry:  The Matarese's
Cinnamon Cookie Cutter Artists:  Katy and daughter Emmaline, age "I want to eat this dough right now!"

First of many mommy/daughter Christmas crafting adventures...



For further instructions/links/questions on these ornament ideas, scroll down or search the artists name on the storybook-cottage fb page and click on their photo.  You can ask the artist directly! 

How are you making your today world beautiful?
Please share your latest project photos and stories with us on our group fb page here!


  1. In the interest of saving time and not forgetting to come back every day, I will vote all three of my votes today. I can not pick a favorite, so I will give one vote each to The Portzlands, The Bumbaughs and The Plowmans. Great job to all you industrious people.

  2. L~ After much deliberation and thought I have made a choice...........drum roll..........Fourth Entry: The Bumbaughs
    This is Geanine

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Krystal for your vote. You are a good citizen.

  4. The portzlands purple one

    1. Thanks for voting Pam. Those are so colorful and fun.

  5. I like the efficient voting method... so here it goes:
    saturday:The Bumbaughs
    sunday: The Plowmans
    monday:The Portzlands

    Well done... they are all very creative!

    (Nichole Miller)

    1. thank you for Saturday. thank you for Sunday. thank you for Monday. ha ha ha. love you Nichole Miller! <3

  6. I tried but my vote is for the pine cone ornament. I liked that all of these kiddos tried and they are all nice. The reason I picked the pine coat is because it is a gift for her grandad... That is hat Christmas is all about!!!

    Linnet posting for Chera

  7. Yea mine wouldn't either...but i loved the melted crayon ones!!

    Linnet posting for Sarah F

  8. one vote for Nataley's pine cone ornament from Mellissa GC on fb.

    I changed the settings hoping these votes start going through. sure do hope that helps.

  9. Kelly Hebert, Janet Casserly and Katie Yoder Vote for Nataley!!!

  10. ok. My voter did not go through so, I like Entry One, Five and Six.

    Linnet for Katy

  11. I think I did it. I didn't see it go through. The Espinel family votes for Nataley Emrich! Family of 6!

  12. Linnet for Chris D. H.

    I tried, but just left a message...for Nataley's...

  13. Linnet For Julia
    Sorry. ...I tried voting and was not able to comment on the blog. I vote for Nataley Emrich

  14. Today's votes are all 5 for the Bumbaugh's please

  15. Linnet for Malia

    1 vote for the Christmas tree, 1 vote for the candy filled ones and 1 for Rudolph (although Carter's first choice was the turtle...haha)

  16. Linnet For Bambaughs

    Saturday 2 (Hailey and Jesse) for Portzlines, 2 (Gloria and Josh) for Emrichs and 1 for Feltmans (Caleb-- he is obsessed with three Frozen movie and says they look like Elsa's snowflakes lol) ; Sunday votes are 2 (Hailey and Caleb) for the Randolphs, 2 (Gloria and Jesse) for the Plow man's and 1 (Josh) for the Balogs.

  17. Linnet for Feltmans

    Sat: the Emrichs-Jess
    the Randolphs-Preston
    The Bumbaughs-Shay
    The Portzlands-Alli
    11 hrs · Like

    11 hrs · Like

    Mon: Feltman-Jess


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