Frozen Party--Lite-Up Posterboard Trees

These trees are an inexpensive way to add some drama to the party.  
First I taped the posterboard together with clear packaging tape, and then free-handed a tree and trunk with a sharpie. 
 Then cut them out.
 Then I traced a matching one, so that each tree could have two with pvc pipe taped in between.
Before buying pvc pipe, I thought I'd try gift wrap cardboard rolls.  This could have worked, but when I added too much weight to them, they bent.  So I ended up putting pvc pipe through them later.
Tape the pvc pipe to the cut out tree.
 Here they are both taped to the "pipe" .  Now there will be room to thread the lights up through them, casting shadows.
 This is the tallest finished tree.  I made three trees, various sizes.
To put up the tree, I took 5 gallon buckets and used bags of kitty litter to keep them in place. (We had the kitty litter bags in the garage.) The pvc pipes were all the same size, so we could use them as posts to hang the lights and "snow" curtains.
Here you can see how I threaded the lights down the pole, down through the trees, and then back up the other side.
To decorate them, I used the sparkly big ribbon.  I don't know what it's called, but it's sold at Christmas time at Walmart in the Christmas Wonderland Section.
 Then strung them with strings of white beads.
Easy and pretty!

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