Turn This Into That: Ken and Barbie Pool Table Instructions

Start with this...
Here's a similar one on amazon.
It needed supportive legs. This was in my "doll house stuff stash"...
Ken is wearing a tiara? That was not me.

This must have been used for a candle?  It found its way into my goodwill cart last summer. I smashed out the glass with a Friday afternoon hammer, and cut down the wood for legs with a  little saw like this one.  These saws are great for small projects.

I used the Dremel with drill bit attachment to drill holes in the legs, then screwed small screws through the table corners, at the pockets, into the wooden legs.
The Dremel has a sanding attachment, which was useful for sanding the ends of the legs, quickly making them smooth.  

I used small picture frame nails to attach craft sticks to the sides to give it more support.  The black supports attaching the other legs are plastic cable ties, cut to size and nailed into place.  I used a mini-hole punch to make it easier.  The punch had no problem punching through the plastic ties.
I painted the craft sticks and legs brown with acrylic paint.  
Finally, I used a regular hole punch to punch four times around the white border of a page of stickers.  I peeled the sticker paper back off of the small circles, and the four self-made stickers covered the screw tops.  Done.
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