Monday, June 9, 2014

Favorite Summer Things Facebook Giveaway

It's a Favorite Summer Things Facebook Giveaway Post!  

Here are a few of my most recent summer finds.

This Tazo iced green tea is good good good.  Green tea, spearmint and lemon verbena leaves, and lemongrass.

Favorite summer hot tea is Yogi Tea's Green Tea Kombucha. Green tea, lemongrass, spearmint, and kombucha, with plum and passionfruit flavors.  Also enjoying linden, jasmine, and this Natural Rest Tea by Hindu.

Discount grocery stores are a great way to buy/try new teas.  Inexpensive, there's no guilt in adding a few new boxes to the tea pantry...something I can get pretty excited about.
tea tasting!

Make-up is another great find at discount stores.  Now.  This is not a beauty blog as in physical, womanly beautiness.  But it is about color, beauty, and creative process, and make-up can be a form of that.  Growing up, I mostly wanted to pretend four things.  1. school (teacher) 2.flower shop using glass bottles for vases and ferns for currency 3. Dr. Doom I think it was, and build forts in the woods where we camped 4. haircutter/makeuper.
Ask Friend Angie.  

Friend Angie and I rode Bus 4 together for most of our school years.  She was my good buddy, with a mother cool enough to let her watch Dirty Dancing.
It was during late elementary school, somewhere in my "I wish I could wear Cindi Lauper make-up and also toe-nail polish like teenagers do" phase.
I rode along with my mom, who did not entertain the idea of school dances, let alone dirty ones,  to the Bargain Barn.  And there it was waiting for me.  Bright blue (and very much used) eye shadow for 25 cents.
And so the next morning, during our five minutes of Bus 4 ride time together, Friend Angie and I indulged in a mini, blue-eye shadow make-up session.

We were something that day, wearing our bright blue eye shadow.  It was all going so well, until Friend Angie got pink eye. Thus ending future applications of blue eye shadow from the Bargain Barn.

Later, beginning somewhere around the 1oth grade, I began a 10-15 year phase of declaring make-up to be stupid.  I thought wearing it conformed to a misguided, social standard and belief that women are not beautiful enough left to our natural selves, and that wearing it placed too much emphasis on a desire to impress.

But it's paint for faces!  How does a creative completely cut-off from the chance to paint faces?  Walking through a nail polish section is like walking through sample paint cards at Home Depot. so. much. COLOR.

And in a discount store, a make-up aisle is a gift of happiness. 

So now I look like Cindi Lauper every day.
That to say, from time to time, we may talk make-up here. If make-up isn't a fun part of your creative process, go ahead and skip over these posts. I'm sure Husband Dion will. It won't hurt my feelings. Now let's talk MAKE-UP!

Peachy apricots and hot pinks are my early summer favorites.  Plus I found these "See You In Sequins" lip/nail combos by Kardasian Beauty. They are shimmery/glittery pink.

My job requires longer hours and lots of sweating in the summer, so these Cover Girl Outlast lip stains and this NYC liquid eyeliner are great. If you are also a summer sweater, I recommend them.
Lip Stains: There's no time at work to find a mirror and apply smudgy lipstick, so the CG stains are great.
The gloss that comes with the stain, or a cheap chapstick can be quickly re-applied over top throughout the day. The Kardashian lip gloss is really pretty over Rose Pearl.

Lip gloss:  Lip glosses are my preference for all year long. These LA Girl lip balms were 2 dollars each in the dollar-type bins on a Walgreens end cap. They're pretty and smell like strawberries.  I've worn Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers for years.  The champagne is my all time favorite, but apricot is my summer pick.  They're minty.

When buying lipsticks/glosses, I smell them. (am I alone in this?)  Some of them are just smelly.  in a bad way.

Summer Eyeliner: It's difficult finding an eyeliner that doesn't make me look racoony by the time my work night is through. The liquid NYX liner doesn't smudge. It's a little tricky getting a precise, thin line with the included applicator brush, so I use a skinny marker applicator from another eyeliner to make it easier.

Would you like to have one of these favorite summer things?
Remember the red Rimmel lipstick in Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo?  Above is a similar shade.  This week they're on clearance at Walgreens.

Enter to win the facebook giveaway by sharing your favorite storybook-cottage post on FB. Let me know that you've shared in the comments below.  Five random winners will be drawn and announced on Thursday.

Next week they'll be another chance for pinteresters and five more winners.

and now that I'm thinking of are my summer favorite funny these guys.
What are your favorite finds so far this summer?

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