Friday, June 6, 2014

Frank-not-a-creative Visits A Yardsale

This weekend we're having a GINORMOUS
garage sale.

We're raising money for Siri's medical trips.  Soooo...that means only about 10% of the stuff is ours.  Most of it has been graciously donated.  And that equals.....


"Why," you say?  "Why is that t-r-o-u-b-l-e?"

Because I'm a creative.  Creatives see potential in just about anything. So for example, when the average offense intended if you're a Frank-not-a-creative reading this...or if your name just happens to be Frank...or if you know or are related to a Frank.  I know a Frank.  He's a very nice person. Anyway, he sees this votive candle (not my friend Frank.  the hypothetical Frank sees it.), along with a collection of mismatched old candles in a shoe box.
And so that's what he sees.  a bunch of mismatched candles in a shoe box. 

Then he sees this fabric lying on the corner of the garage sale floor.  It's dirty, has some holes, and probably used as a garage rag a few too many times:
So he walks on by thinking, "What a junky sale.  I never find good stuff like that lady who blogs nonsense."

But a creative might see this:

 A blueberry pancake supper for two.
(tablecloth cleaned, holes cut off)

Frank-not-a-creative continues to shake his head, while passing over this christmas ornament, crafted out of a
recycled, plastic, easter egg.
 But I quickly snatch it up for this:
And come next Christmas, for this:
 Perfect for their fireplace mantel.

Also, Look!  A magnolia is in this froggy vase which was bought at a yard sale 10 years ago for 50 cents...
Would Frank-not-a-creative have had enough imagination to foresee this beautiness into all of these future years?  probably not.

Back to the present. There was this:
By now I think you understand how this little sign needs to live out its final days here at our cottage.  The sign was discovered in the church's donation of yardsale left-overs, and I recognized it immediately from the old building's children's room. It doesn't take too much creative energy to know exactly what one must do with it.

of course this: 

There was her:
Her name is Under The Rat's Nest.  You can find her on just about any yardsale day.  Her and all her other matted hair, naked Barbie and Disney sisters multiply so quickly that they become regulars at weekend sales, eventually to be tossed into trash compactors across this nation.  Some innocent child thought it was a good idea to put glue in her hair.

Husband Dion puts glue in his hair too, but his hair comes out much nicer.  This just in Little Swimming Fish them what you want, but forks don't work.  Scissors for you fish sister. scissors for you.
There was also this:
So I imagined this:
The sugar puff cereal pieces shells are from thrown away shoes. I keep little stuff like buttons and decoraty things from old shoes.  Because that's what I do.
Keep stuff.  Keeper of stuff.

She needed some magic sewn into her fins, because sometimes a fish lady just wants to be where the people are.  The magic came from here:
rumpelstiltskin golden thread

Then there was a rag doll holding cats, similar to this:
 but it had hair and a straw hat,
 and glasses,
and it was dirty.
I'm 86.92 percent sure that Frank-not-a-creative would have envisioned this:
But I saw this:
and this:
 and then this:
Because you know how if you love something, let it go, yada yada?  Well, sometimes if you hate something, also let it go...(if it comes back to you, it was meant to be stomped on and burned).

So you can see how being both a creative and a keeper of things can cause problems, especially when trying to sell junk treasures.

Speaking of letting things go...these sisters are my absolute favorite.  and I'm pretty sure I've heard them all...every day...multiple times. Those and the song "won't you take me to funky town".  over and over and over.

 That was a silly cat with the hat on, wasn't it?

How are you making your today world beautiful? (tell me stuff)


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  1. It's amazing what a healthy supply of creative juices can do. You'll win ol' Frank to your way of thinking in no time. Wish I were closer. I'd love spending some time under the Story Tree with two little girls and their mommy.


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