Thursday, October 23, 2014

Superheros Unite!!!

We did it.
Husband Dion and I ran our first 5K.  It was a Superhero 5K and that part of it was super fun.  Congrats to my brother Jason, who won first in his age bracket, 7th overall (and was kind enough to circle back to run with us at the end).  
Currently he is also holding the trophy for The Acorn they sit boasting of his greatness on the fireplace mantle.
I wasn't so happy with my run, but it's been 2 weeks since our last practice run, so I kinda expected it. Participating at all in a running event is accomplishment big enough for me. 
The best part was the costumes.  Jason was Spider-Man.  Dion was Mountain Man.  I'm not sure what his superpowers were, but he was Mountain Man, because he is from the mountains. I was Linnet Hero with the superpower of slowing things down, my strength being asking regularly if we're there yet. 
What I can't figure out is why we pay to do these things.  It felt like they should be handing us twenties as we crossed the finish line.  We did go out for Thai afterwards, so that was a good incentive.  We didn't catch any bad guys unfortunately, and although Dion and I tried to fly with our capes,  that didn't work very well either (Spiderman cannot fly in the first place-he has web powers).  So it's good to be back to normal humans.  Running is really hard for me.  I will keep trying for awhile longer.  I keep saying I will stop trying one of these times, but I think I may be improving just a little we'll see...
I found this dress two summers ago for 5 dollars at Goodwill with intentions to alter it for a Bad Prom 5K.  
The back side: Look at that big bow placed at just the right spot.  The sales guy at the goodwill said it's like a giant bottle of pepto bismol.  Perfect for a bad prom.
That race was cancelled, and so I became determined to make it somehow work for this Superhero Race. Although I didn't wear what I was originally working on (wasn't feeling it)...
the over all concept stayed the same...
...lots of pink and black and white stripes.  The leg warmers are from Amazon.  They looked good, but they kept falling down. After pinning them to my shorts, they ripped holes in my shorts, and then the pins jabbed me as I ran, but Superhero racers don't stop for a little blood.  Even slow ones.
So there were some glitches, but overall it worked out.  I found the wig for a dollar at our local discount store, and changed it up a little bit.
I used the bottom of the dress, a car decal, and the bow from the back side of the dress to make a cape.  The gloves are actually foot socks, which I will now wear as gloves.

Here's cutie niece Tessa and me after the race.  We are practicing our strength, flexing our super power muscles. 
Sometimes she closes her eyes when putting all of her strength into muscle making.
She sure is a super cute superhero, isn't she?!

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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  1. Fun times for sure. BUT We'll settle for the super humans that God gave us when He gave us you. ( Soooo glad that was a wig.)


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