Saturday, October 11, 2014

the cat sits at the door, I work on dollhouses instead of our houses, husband Dion eats baby food...happy fall!

We've been busy preparing for a visit from my brother and his beautiful family...the normal getting ready for out-of-state guest things like de-catting the house (my brother has the cat allergies),
Kitty found us here at this door...on a pouring rain night...a day after Christmas...two nights in a row...looking at us like this...abandoned, starving, and with an eye infection.  Here he is now at night, at the door, wishing again to come in, minus the eye infection.
Poor smart kitty.

working on doll houses,
instead of guest rooms...

cozy, huh?

brainstorming an outfit for the masked hero 5K that we will "run" together, 
This is the was 5 dollars at Goodwill, then altered for a Bad Prom 5K last fall, but then the 5K was cancelled. I'm determined to redeem it into a super hero something or other.

learning how to run for the masked hero 5K that we will "run" together,

preparing for the most amazing yet (and first), "The Acorn Games" (think hunger games but with acorns.  and nobody pretends to eat poison berries.  or dies. also nobody is hungry.  actually I'm kinda hungry right now.), 

"How do you prepare for that?" you ask?  Well we make up games with acorns and practice them, and we gather acorns.  
We buy a gnome trophy and fall asleep dreaming of becoming the "Ultimate Acorn Games Champion".
She was only a dollar and 25 cents.  Baffling I know.  Her hand was just raised up in the air like she had an unanswerable question.  I kinda thought maybe her question was, 

"Will you buy me Shopper-By?  Will you please buy me and hot glue an acorn there into my hand.  Will you help me reach my greatest potential, fulfilling my resin destiny in this way?" 

"Okay," I said.  

"Also, my nose and cheeks are cold," she said. 

"True enough," I replied.

I'll keep you updated on how the games play out, but husband Dion is pretty good.  Matter of fact, now that I think about it, he brought up nerf sword fighting today!  First in such a long time. His confidence must be coming back around. 

and finally during pre-guest week, I bought 400 baby foods at the discount store. 

This isn't all of them.  They were 25 cents each!

Equally shocking is that husband Dion is EATTING the baby foods!!!  I wish I had photo evidence. Early in the week, we were driving away from our workout. We were talking, and then BAM...he just slurps down a Carrots, Apples, and Parsnips. Like it was..oh I don't food!

Any. way.  We really really REALLY are anticipating our fall visit with family. Dion and I are taking a few days off at work and are ready to do things like fall hikes, a trip to the apple cider bar, and 
color these really odd (sent home from school with Siri) coloring pages with our cutie niece.

Although disturbing, happy face/sad face could be useful...something like, "Draw happy, healthy smiles for a husband who doesn't complain when he finds the trash overflowing... but draw yucky smiles for a husband that does."

nooooo bread!  stop it.  not the bread, grain, and breakfast cereal dance!  LA LA LA LA LA!  I can't hear you.  your magic will. not. work. on. me.

We will paint these six, hand-picked (from the grocery store) pumpkins,

then throw acorns at with the people we love.

How are you making your today world beautiful?


  1. I still don't quite get the baby food thing but then it's getting late and preachers don't reason well late on Saturday night.

  2. Linnet found a great deal on baby food, mainly for Siri's school lunches. I decided to try one because they are fast and easy to eat, organic, and consist of fruits and veggies. Great for replenishing my aging body after hard basketball workouts.

    1. why does this say I'm writing this?

      And I'm just not sure that there could be any defense here really.. Also there was no mainly...It was more like "only" for Siri's school lunches.

      Thank you for your comment, and for regularly reading this blog.


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