Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Story of Potpourri and Hot Chocolate That's Not Really A Story At All...

Hello from the cold ocean.
As I recently wrote on FB, I anticipated blogging quite a few post ideas that have been in my head for awhile now, during this time that Siri and I are away. (one of her extended treatment trips up north)

I had similar intentions this summer, when, you might remember, the internet decided to crash here during the length of our stay.

This time my computer has been giving me some serious attitude. Randomly it will stop typing 2,@,w,s, and x.  This complicates things, as "s" is a really important letter.

It's a given letter on the final "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle.  So you know it's important.

It's everywhere.

Anyway, here at the house there are less art supplies than my greedily hoarded amount  stash back at home, although they did just add a craft desk that Siri and I will root through at some point.

So while we're here, much of my creative energy goes into cooking and pinteresting. 

My not creative energies are used to take care of Siri (who is SUPER easy so far on this trip...she's been SO happy!), avoiding the carb table from hell, watching Sherlock and other netflix must sees, and an occasional workout.
"carb table from hell"
There is actually much more than this right now...donuts, cupcakes, 5 pans of brownies, hugest tray of cookies ever... 

If you've read last summer's post, you may remember that Siri and I enjoy taking lots and lots of walks along the ocean.  

That would be great, except  IT'S SO COLD HERE!

Today husband Dion and Sara were wearing short sleeves when they skyped me from Staples.  Yes. They did do that.  They are busy people.  They said, "It's so hot here."  

"Oh," I said.  "Good for you," I said.

"I'm glad you called from Staples to tell me that," I said.

Here's Siri and myself on our one and only walk.
Here's some of what I did to make my today world beautiful today...
Two evenings ago I made this apple pie (no sugar), so that I might stop cheating at the carb table from hell.  (good in theory)

But eating it is what makes today beautiful.

Today I made good for you hot chocolate.  Protein powder. Stevia. Xylitol, Cocoa, Salt.
Click here for the recipe on my recipe pinterest board.

BUT if you try this, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE! DO NOT ADD 2 tsp. of stevia!  I know know know better, but did it anyway.  Blech!  Rather, may I suggest only using about 1/8th to 1/4th of a tsp. stevia, along with the xylitol or erythritol.

This also makes a yummy protein shake or chocolate milk.  For hot chocolate, I recommend adding in some heavy cream, topping it with Reddi-wip (of course).

I also made my favorite fermented bread.  Sounds yummy doesn't it.  Well, it is.  And it's carb-conscious, so that makes me trendy.  Find the pinned recipe here.

Only four ingredients, one of them being water. We use it for pizza, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls...all that stuff.

I bought a few pretty flowers for my friend Katy's office last week.

"What's that have to do with today." you say?

Well, when the roses started fading, friend Katy said, "Let's make potpourri".  

"Yes." I said, "That is the very thing we must do."

Similarly to the way Sherlock would say to John, "Obviously."

Or if you prefer, book Sherlock might say, "Elementary." 

Except Sherlock would say it with very little emotion.

Friend Katy and I have quite a lot of emotions.

Here they are today...
We are letting the petals dry out on waxed paper in her office.  As they dry we separate the petals. They smell very good.

She will keep the little ones whole.
Here is a mini bouquet made out of the not dead yet ones.

More than likely, they will join the others in the potpourri graveyard tomorrow.

update**Katy's potpourri in a bowl in her office.  
and since our flowers were all dead...we had to get more!
How are you making your today world beautiful?
Please share your latest project photos and stories with us on our group fb page here!

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