Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Winter Games

Remember The Acorn Games?  

Remember the trophy of awesomeness gnome lady, holding her hand up high with the acorn hot-glued to it?

Well, my brother Jason found this treasure at his local thrift store...
Then he saw this...

and it was clear to him what we must do at our upcoming get-together...

du du du duuuummmmm

And so we got together last week.  We smashed eggs on our heads. We played the most boring board game, the game of LIFE (well, it may be tie with SORRY).  

It's so boring that although I won by crazy amounts of money, it's not even fun to brag about. There is NO skill needed in the game of LIFE. 

I do like the spinny thing though.
I'm a good spinner.

The egg game was more fun.
Here are the teams...

I would just like to say at this point that I was wearing a trash bag...I would also like to say that after I packed and loaded up the mini-van, we left our house in the south to drive up to the north at 2am, me driving while everybody else was sleeping.

Shortly after our arrival,  six out of the nine of us (they're fostering a 23 month old and a 10 month old) began vomiting.  

I was the only adult who DIDN'T get sick.  Which means I got up in the morning with the kiddos and that means I was exhausted. 

Mornings are the devil.  So are the cookies I ate tonight.

We held off on the egg-head smashing event and other winter games until everyone was feeling better...but I continued to remain in the state of tired and dirtiness until about 1 day ago.  So this is what I look like when in the state of tired and dirtiness...while also wearing a trash bag.  

Why are they looking so well; they were the ones who had been vomiting.

any. way.  That was a nice little unnecessary story.

Here are more pics...

Here is Tessa ready to play...
Here is Tessa posing for a picture...
It's like she's saying, "I'm so cute, I pinch my own cheeks."

Here is husband Dion taking on the challenge...
Pay no attention to the headless baby pointing in the background. Photos of children in the foster system aren't allowed to be posted on the net, so that cutie's face had to be removed.

But LOOK TOO! Husband Dion's egg was not gooey!  One for us!

Turns out TEAM BROTHER AND FAMILY picked two raw eggs before we got any raw eggs.  Yay for us!  

Little Joss Whedon, that's my nickname for him, got the other raw egg, but he smashed it on the high chair.

Here's a short video of the best egg smash of the night...featuring my brother Jason.
I like how Krystal-in-law encourages him to "just DO IT!"  ha ha ha ha ha.  and he did it

And there was much rejoicing.  from us.


Because we won.

Because we are WINNERS!

We are winners at not smashing runny eggs on our heads.

We are winners at the boring but yet has a fun spinner game of LIFE.

We are not the winners of the third, never-played game.  Because we were the winners of best-out-of-three.  But maybe we would have been the winners of the never-played game too, had we played.

We are the winners of THE WINTER GAMES.

We got the snowman.

He holds his broom up high in victory.

Sometimes he works. 

Sometimes he does not work.

He has never yet completely worked.

And to think all of this fun began with a humble little lady gnome, sitting quietly on the 75% off holiday shelf at the discount store.

How are you making your today world beautiful?
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    1. You are NOT annoying.

      You are encouraging like a good wife should be.

      You are also funny.

      I like your game face in the team photo.


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