Saturday, May 9, 2015

okay fine, I like stuff

Sometimes I find ugly stuff that needs a lot of work.

Sometimes I get lucky and just find nice things.

For example, this king-sized, iron headboard.
Brand new it is hundreds of dollars, but we found it for 35 dollars (including frames) at a yard sale last Saturday.

I put it on bed risers to give it more height.

Yesterday I found this wooden, vintage nightstand for 10 dollars.

nightstand before cleaning...
It did need a thorough cleaning, but now it will stay beside me every night and hold things on it like my white noise machine, early 90's GE clock radio, and our fancy essential oil/pink himalayan salt diffuser. 

Actually we use this 15 dollar Vicks humidifier
It works much better than the expensive oil diffuser I had tried, and this one lasts all night.
Plus we can add salt, which seems to be helping my allergies.

Then today this pretty vase asked me to buy it; it had been made tacky by these awful plastic flowers.
It was 50 cents.

This is the kind of stuff that gets overlooked at yard sales, because it really does look tacky sitting on a table surrounded by the other friendly junk.

All this yard sale make-over needed was trashing the plastic stuff, 
adding a few garden flowers, and now it is bedroom-worthy.
Here is the shiny vase with our new big fountain.  These are at Home Depot right now for 149 dollars.  Online the same one is 300 dollars. weird huh?
Every once in awhile I find something worth putting that kind of cash down for...this was one of those times. I added four river rocks to it, to make it sound just how we like.
Otherwise it sounded as though we forgot to turn off the hose, and it is not peaceful to think you may have forgotten to turn off the hose.

So those were a few of our fun finds this weekend.

Did I say I was done gathering?

That was delusional.
All of this junk these going-to-be-beautiful things for 65 dollars.

How are you making your today world beautiful?
Please share your latest project photos and stories with us on our group fb page here!

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