Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Beginnings of a Budget-Friendly French Tea Birthday Party..Invitations

It's  hard to believe it's been two weeks since Sara's birthday party, and yet I haven't posted any of it.

It's probably better to start at the beginning and work up to the today I'll post some pics of our invitations...

Sara and I made the invites together.  These put-together-card kits were at our local discount store for 99 cents. 5 per pack.
The kits came with everything we needed, but to add a more personal touch, we added these American Girl initial stickers, found at the same store for 99 cents.
Our general rule for birthday parties goes something like "you can invite the same number of friends as the age you're becoming", plus I get an invite. 

My invite is usually a girl, who may be having a rough time of it at school for one reason or another. This is especially close to my heart, and it has led to a few pretty great "let's think about others" and "let's talk about 'popular' " life talks.

Since this was a tea party, Sara decided to invite girls only.
Nine girls attended, one who showed up after the party, plus Sara and Siri.
It's fun to use invitations as a way to give the recipients a clue of what to expect if they come.  For this party, the pastry invites were a "taste" of the pattiseries to come.  

Next up...Setting the Table Part 1...Make a Ruffled Tablecloth from a Bed Skirt...the easy way.
How are you making your today world beautiful?

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