Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tessa's room...a fabric poster and a pillow

We are about to make another trip up north for the summer, and that means stopping to see brother Jason and sister-in-law K on the way.

We are VERY excited to share that they are expecting.  Their pregnancy difficulties are their stories to tell, but this trip will be a time for us all to be happy in their news.

They have of course cutie niece Tessa, and currently two other foster babies.  This means they need more room.  This means they need to remake the storage room upstairs into a big girl, cutie niece Tessa room!  This obviously means I need to be involved.

So I've been putting together a few kids room ideas in a SUPER FUN KIDS ROOM pinterest board here.

Here is the inspiration room pin.
I plan to paint a huge sunshine on the wall.  Tessa lights up a room, and so I thought it would be cute to have the sun become the room idea.

I bought this poster print from Spain.  It's a hippo wearing sunglasses and is available here on etsy.
I took this pillow idea (found on pinterest here),
but instead of a pillow, turned part of the saying into a fabric poster, kinda like the one in the inspiration room photo.

This poster art was found at a yard sale for a dollar.
I turned over the paper and added fabric with watered-down school glue, The letters are hand-cut from stashed fabric and felt.
Then put the frame back on.
This pillow was at a yard sale for 50 cents.
After washing it thoroughly, I removed the buttons, and using fabric scraps, sewed on a hot-air balloon by sewing machine needed.
And this metal cabinet (20 dollars--flea market) is ready for its journey to its final destination, thanks to the help of husband Dion, where eventually it will be painted a bright and cheery color and sit in the city on the 3rd floor, filled with little girl types of things.
But before that we have an 8 1/2 hour drive, in which we may need to endure a few odd looks.  oh well.  worth it. (update* NOT worth it)

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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