Saturday, October 10, 2015

Make a Ruffled Tablecloth from a Bed Skirt...the easy way

Last spring, I began to share Sara's 11th Birthday Paris Party with you, and haven't gotten back to it. (First post, making invitations, here.)

Today I'll do that by sharing a few photos of the tablecloth-making process.
There were two tables that needed tablecloths. I made them simply with things we had around the house.
I began with old bed skirts and sheets in neutral colors, safety pins, a hot glue gun, lots of hot glue, scissors, and fabric glue.  The fabric glue didn't work as well, so that idea got tossed.

Next I folded a flat sheet, so that it would be doubled over. This avoids cutting and sewing, and also makes a thick fabric that is not see through.

I centered it on the table. (this is the second of the two tables)
I didn't sew anything yet.
Next I took an old bedskirt, and cut around it.
 It doesn't have to be neat or even.
I cut about one inch above the ruffle seam (where the ruffle had been sewn to the flat part of the bed skirt).
I cut the large bed skirt ruffle into 4 pieces, two short and two long for the sides of the table.
Here are the two short pieces.
Then I pinned the two short ruffle pieces to the flat, folded sheet still on the table...just a few safety pins to keep them in place.

This is the part where I want to make sense for you, so you can try it too if you'd like...hopefully the photos will mostly speak for themselves.

With hot glue gun in hand, I folded the raggedy edge over the seam...and glued it in place as I went.
Here again is a photo of the raggedy, uneven edge.
Then a photo of how I folded the raggedy part down over the preexisting ruffle seam...
 then glued the ruffle along the table edge.
This makes it a finished edge.
Here you can see the seam that's finished and the part still needing to be glued.
Using the same method, I attached the two longest ruffle pieces on the long sides, overlapping a little at the corners.
Kitty is good company.
Could've stopped there, but wanted to use these tablecloths over and over, so I ran the glued seams through the sewing machine, washed and dried them to get the wrinkles out, and they were done.

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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  1. For all my craftiness, I'd never thought to use a sheet and bedskirt! I'm already sifting through (in my mind), all the extras I have collected! Brilliant idea lady!

    1. Please share your tablecloth with us...I'd love to see it!
      Ruffled tablecloths are expensive, but so elegantly pretty.


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