Thursday, October 22, 2015

Creating a Patisserie for a Budget-Friendly French Tea Party

To make la table de dessert for Sara's french-themed tea party, I started with a light pink sheet bought at Goodwill for her three-year-ago birthday party, one of the table trellis's (how-to here), a white paint marker (this one), and two pieces of black poster board and a
French pastry calendar, both found at our local discount store.
The calendar was 1.99, the poster board 50 cents.

This was really pretty simple.  I took the table trellis, folded, draped, ironed, then hot glued the pink sheet to the wood.  I didn't plan to use the sheet again.
  I cut out the calendar pictures, placed, and hot glued them to the sheet.
Then quickly made the sign, using the white paint marker and black poster board.  I cut the poster board, overlapped, and glued it handed the sign. Initially I was going to use the overhead projector to trace a sign, but when I went to begin, the light bulb was burnt out.
It was simple, inexpensive, and the girls loved it.
Most of the goodies were found at the discount store. These cookies were 50 cents a box.  Regularly they are almost 5 dollars a box, and are sooo good.
Sara wanted a lemon cake. I hope to share more pics (update* click here for Birthday Cake on a Budget--the simple cake how-to) for the next birthday party post.

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