Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Build a Table Trellis for a Party

I had this picture in my head of a table trellis decorating the table for Sara's Paris Birthday Party...the girls drinking tea, eating their sandwiches and cakes under a canopy of vines and fragrant flowers...and so I set out to make it happen.
We found a few garden trellises under the house, left behind from a previous owner.
It should be fairly simple, I thought, to use our wood scraps and the garden trellises to build two table trellises. When I couldn't find the right scraps in the amount and heights needed, the girls and I were off to The Home Depot.

30 dollars later for this small amount of wood, we had what we needed. 
Really, the wood ended up being the largest expense of the party.
Conveniently, the nice Home Depot man pre-cut the wood.
I was still able to use my jigsaw, a drill for screws, and a second drill for pre-drilling the holes. Using the jigsaw helps me to believe that I'm an empowered woman.
I like this one, and it has fantastic reviews. Find it on amazon here.
First I removed the metal pieces at the bottom, eyelets, and hooks from the garden trellises.
Then came the measuring and assembling of the legs, using the Home Depot wood.
I attached the legs with screws and nails, but then the off-centered top slats made me crazy.
Out came the rusty screws keeping the top slats in place.  This took a little while. In hindsight, it would have been faster to buy all of the wood, rather than take the trellises apart.
I worked two evenings.  It took longer than I'd planned. One of those nights it was pouring. 
Kitty decided to join me...but my umbrella was clearly in his spot.
He was okay with that.
That is better.
But now they were wobbly.
I didn't want the girls to have to think about them or be careful of them at the party.
So I cut scrap wood...
to reinforce the corners...where the legs meet the top.
If there would've been more wood, it would've been a good idea to reinforce both sides, but they were sturdy enough for the party.

As the girls arrived, they gathered honeysuckle to decorate the table trellis.  This was fun for them.
(no. really.  This was fun for them.)

With the honeysuckle and magnolias, it smelled yummy too.
My sandwich also yummy.
The other table trellis was used for the patisserie, which I hope to write about in my next birthday party post (update* here it is).
How are you making your today world beautiful?

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