Friday, December 4, 2015

How I Made a Snowman and Snowlady Canvas

This project is a "turn this into that" post for sure.
I needed something fun but not too expensive for an upcoming cookie swap.

Off to the Family Dollar I went for ideas.

I saw these.
Er er er er errrr.

And I knew I had this at home.
Using a small roller to keep the canvas look, I painted two coats of primer over those roosters and let them dry. 
No more roosters.

Next I got out some leftover felt, a few beads, and glitter fabric scraps.
Maybe you can see from the gold one, that these glitter scraps are taken from little zippered purses from the Dollar Tree.

Off to work I went.
Above you can see I used a zebra shoe insert for her coat collar/scarf.  Those are from the dollar store.  And for the boys hat, my inspiration was this piece of blue felt that was already cut like this.
I cut strips of the glitter fabric and rolled/twisted them into rosettes. The polka-dot fabric is cut from a Goodwill skirt bought for the fabric for an earlier project.

I used hot glue for everything.
I didn't glue the front of her hat down, so that it would ruffle out.

Here she is in all of her splendor...
Next for the pom pom hat, I followed these instructions, only I used multi-colored felt strips and didn't make the pom poms quite so thick.
Here he is...
How cute are these guys?

Not a lot of fuss and inexpensive.

These would be fun to design with kids, and they would make a unique Christmas gift.

And even easier if you skip the paint and buy a blank white canvas.
How are you making your today world beautiful?

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