Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Make a HUGE HUGE Bow

Today Friend Danielle asked on fb "Any idea where I can find a huge huge bow for the kids playhouse?"

Now, she wasn't asking me specifically...but because I have nothing better to do four days before Christmas, I decided I'd like to figure out how one makes a HUGE HUGE bow.

Off to pinterest I went, but found little.

So, how could I make a HUGE HUGE bow for friend Danielle?

Here's the story of what I did with it...

I know! with fabric.
I happened to have lots and lots of this shimmery red fabric.

If you would like to make a HUGE HUGE fabric bow, you too will need lots of fabric.

You will also need:
packaging tape or hot glue
a thick wrapping paper roll or a piece of poster board rolled up
stuffing (about a pillow or two worth...any pillow from Walmart or a dollar store)
I doubled over the fabric and spanned it out to make the top part of the bow, gathering and taping the middle of the bow with packaging tape.
Then I cut this rolled up cardstock-like paper roll leftover from wrapping paper.
Unwrapped, then re-wrapped it around the middle of the bow. You could roll up a strip of poster board for the same effect.
 Then I cut one long piece of fabric.
And threaded it through the roll, and draping them down evenly.  This will be the lower ribbon part of the bow.
 I taped a strip a little wider than the roll, then taped and wrapped it around the paper roll.
Hot glue works great to secure the fabric. I wrapped the fraying edges inside and hot glued them to the paper roll.

It looked like this...
You could just leave it like this, but to help it keep it's shape, I stuffed the top loops until I liked how they puffed sleeves (Anne Shirley reference~)...
Then hot glued the seams together, making them how I liked them as I went...this bow has more rounded corners, but it could have pointier corners too.
To add a little more stability, I put a wrapping paper rolll through the back, but it will probably have to be nailed up from the top corners?
This joy sign on the other hand remains unfinished.

This HUGE HUGE bow would be great to put on a car or large piece of furniture or a playhouse. :) It ended up measuring a little over 3 1/2 feet by a little over 3 1/2 feet.
I found the fabric and stuffing at a yard sale and a goodwill. Both have been patiently waiting to be used in a project.

And best of all this HUGE HUGE bow was super easy and didn't take long to make.

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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  1. Great job! I think you should have a picture of your husband wrapped in it.


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