Friday, November 14, 2014

A Dough Bowl, Other Stuff, and a Giant Chicken

So you remember that rearranging tizzy a few weeks back.

Well, for the most part, things have settled into place...for now.

I've envisioned a big table to be the hearth of the house of sorts...and this new arrangement has been perfect for us to gather and have a meal or snack time together, work on homework, bake, play games, or work on crafts/projects.  
It has opened up the house, as well as a corner for a little coffee/tea counter and a project/office nook for me.  

Now Siri's wheelchair can pull up anywhere around the table. Before when the table was in the official dining room, it was difficult to get around her chair, and she could only sit by one crowded corner of the table.  

We are really liking this.
The bar stools under the counter were 20 dollars on craigslist.  One was broken, but I fixed it, so now it swivels just as it was intended to swivel. True it may have taken a few hours and a trip to the big orange "I shop here because I'm a man" kind of store to figure it out, but eventually, I was a fixer too. 
 these windows above the table let in more light

This authentic dough bowl was bought from friend Geanine.  She has a great kitchen with lots of great kitchen stuff. She creates and sells things like her amazingly scented harvest and also Christmas potpourris, soaps, home-made lavender cleaners, lip balms, and even tooth powder!  You can find her on fb here, at  The Charming Chickadee.

The dough bowl happily sits on our table, so it can hold lots of interesting-to-me things.  It's joined by our vintage salt and pepper shakers and many times a candle.

This colorful and interesting-to-me pumpkin, grown by our farmer friends, has been here since late summer.
 There aren't too many pics of my corner space yet, but here's a little bit of a glimpse back there.
To prevent the table from becoming a catch-all, stuff is not allowed to be kept on the table (drinking glasses/mugs being an exception). It keeps the space free and more inviting to pull up a seat and hang out together. 

See the black raspberry custard pies with crumb topping on the table?  They are allowed on the table, because they're pies.  And I will eat them all up! I maybe already did. yes. I did.
this chicken reminds me of this chicken
Warner Brothers, ANIMANIACS S01E56 - Season 1 - Episode 56

here's a giant Christmas chicken for my early Christmas-loving friends
Warner Brothers--ANIMANIACS S01E49 - Season 1 - Episode 49

I'll try posting a few more pics of coffee bar stuff soon.
Remember kiddos, be kind to giant chickens. 

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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