Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Makeovers of 2014

More inspirational bloggers are probably already beginning the spreading of their magical Christmasy ideas, but I'm in love with this fall, and just as some soak in Christmas for as soon and long as possible, well, this is how I feel about autumn.

Created by Randy Blish, Editorial Cartoonist 

And a few weeks ago, while fb friends were out pumpkin picking at patches and corn mazes across this great land, Sara and I were off to our own local pumpkin place of gathering...
Here are the six the pumpkins we "picked" with their PLU stickers still attached...
One of them rotted within the week.  So we were down to five.
We narrowed those down to three for our pumpkin paintings.
And now here are our great pumpkin make-over before and afters...
(cheap and easy paint palettes for kids...oven burner covers from the dollar store)

Sara's before pumpkin:

Sara's after pumpkin:
See how she matched each tree's leaves with the fallen leaves around it on the ground?  Also that is an over sized, bright yellow sun on the corner.  Here is the over sized, bright yellow sun. 
ahhhhhhchoooooooo....did you sneeze?
  Later she painted the other side with an ocean scene.  Then following my lead, she added glitter all over...look how shimmery it is!  She added um LOTS of glitter. It sparkles in the sunlight and at night under the porch lights.
my favorite, the octopus.  And although I'm not sure why, that fish is saying "I am a circle." circle fish?  maybe.

Siri's before pumpkin:
Siri's after pumpkin:
She enjoyed helping by dabbing the leaves and tree trunk of these three fall trees onto her pumpkin, while she held onto the sponge brush. 

My before pumpkin:

My after pumpkin:
My pumpkin inspiration was the giraffe from the last post here.  His name is Jumbe, (prounounced JOOM-bay)..  My pumpkin doesn't have a name.  It's just a pumpkin.

 I added glitter to my nameless pumpkin.  Here's a video where I somewhat unsuccessfully demonstrate how it sparkles.  The video doesn't really show how it catches and reflects the light just right. 
In real life it is so pretty. Glitter makes everything better.

And since I'm choosing to use all-encompassing words like "everything" you like pumpkins?  Do you like pumpkin spice?  I think this pumpkin guy is funny.   

Our neighbor friends came over to paint a few more pumpkins this week too.  Here are their pumpkins...
This one says, "I'm always happy"
This one is a tulip, and it says "fall is here" but then turn it around and there's this...
that Christmas stuff sneaking in again...sneaky Christmas.

Aren't these girls super sweet?! yes.
Next post (here), I'll share one of our favorite fall, pumpkin-like recipes.  It's called Farmers Market Chai, and it tastes dreamy, as my brother Jason says, like pumpkin pie in a mug. 

For you early Christmas lover friends, it's perfect for mixing up in a large batch, packing it up all cute and pinteresty and Christmas-like, and then gifting it to all the people you love the most.  They will love you back and ask for your recipe. 

Did you do a pumpkin project this fall?  A jack-o-lantern, or leaf-of-some-sort project, or try a new or old pumpkin recipe?  If so, will you share it with the rest of us?  Please post your pumpkin spice everything ideas with us on storybook-cottage's fb page here.

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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