Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Candle and A Pot

Last week was mother's day.  How was that for you?
It's not good for everyone is it?  
I got presents.  Sure, it was me who made the somewhat strong suggestion to stop by TJ Maxx...and then continued to pick them out myself.  But.  I got presents. How one gets presents is neither here nor there.

Happy perfect mother's day presents to me.

The fancy candle is from Siri and lovely pot from Sara.  I was given a 10 dollar limit ten dollars. But when husband Dion recognized the difficulty of choosing between these two perfect presents, permission was swiftly granted for both.  

The candle was 7 dollars, and the pot was 6.  I would not buy a candle for myself for 7 dollars.  It's going to be reserved for specialness.  Then, when it's all used up, the remaining glass will be become a useful, something shiny.

Its scent is tobacco and something else.  Who knew? So if husband Dion smoked a pipe, he would smell like this
(and maybe whatever the something else is; I just don't remember what it is).

For my other present, they committed to hanging out with me while I worked on projects.   I chose the little garden project Sara and I have started.

Typically husband Dion doesn't stay nearby
while a project is underway. (It's possible he runs the other way.)
He also doesn't work on Sundays.  So he did this.

He's playing poker.  I guess there isn't a problem gambling on Sundays.  If smoking a pipe, he would look like this.
(Why smoking a pipe would make him think so lovingly of me,
I don't know; it just seems right.)

Sara helped by doing this.
Then she ran away with my camera, and took this
fantastic photo, which I now consider another
happy mother's day present to me.
(the photo.  not the mushrooms.  But you are also nice mushrooms.)

Siri took a nap inside.
(not documented)
Kitty did this.
 Then this.

I enjoyed this.
But what really made my day beautiful was...

it ended like this.

How are you making
your today world beautiful?

(please talk to me in the comments below. don't make me beg.)

**I can hardly wait to unveil yesterday's thrift store findings.  coming soon!**

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