Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cherry Red Sunday

Hello.  I'm Linnet.  And I'd like to welcome you.  First of all, let me take just a moment to thank you for allowing me back into your homes.

I may have borrowed that opening from Bob Ross. (I did.)  He's good at welcoming.  

Here he is in a cheerful and encouraging Sunday type of song called Happy Little Clouds.
( I believe. You can do it.  Let's build a happy little cloud.  Let's build a happy little tree.)

Now that we have enjoyed that...This morning something pretty amazing happened in my world.  Morning.  Morning happened for me today.  Typically I do not get up in morning time.  I have a sleeping disorder called I sleep in the mornings disorder.  But this morning, not only did I wake up, but I went to the store, bought the stuff we needed to make oatmeal, cottage cheese pancakes (yup. I am a weird stuff eater.), and made breakfast for everyone BEFORE they went off to church (yup.  I skip church.  refer back to morning disorder part).   I am awfully sleepy but decided to paint.  

 Sara's Barbie house kitchen is one step away from being finished, and that's the cherry red border for around the top.  I found this bulletin board border at the Dollar Tree, and painted the back side of it red.  Here is what this looks like.
See Bob Ross?  I bought a basket full of odd and ends paints for 5 dollars at a yard sale last weekend.  Here he was, just when I needed him. 

This made me think...
what other bright, cherry red things do we have here in our home?...hmmm...and so while my family is faithfully in prayer and worship and my trim is drying, I ventured on  a hunt of sorts for cherry red stuff.  
Today has been declared "no electronics day" by husband Dion, at least while we're together as a family.  So I will try to hurry up and show you my findings before they come home.  We're not being sneaky.  We are being efficient.  These photos may not be top of the line;  they are more of a Sunday MORNING quality.
Here are the found cherry red items:

Sara put this arrangement together yesterday. She calls it "Fast Food Flowers"...always thinking that one.  I don't know where she found the cup and straw.  Probably along the road.  The straw is red, and now I want to go to burger king.

Next I found my hand after using Bob Ross paint.

Here, in our closet, is a vintage purse scored at a Goodwill in WV last summer-3 dollars.

These shoes are from a Macy's in New Jersey for what ended up costing somewhere around 7 dollars after sales. They remind me of something Ronald McDonald would pick out.

Dion husband bought these tomatoes for Sara.  She was student of the month.  She gets tomatoes.  (I gave her a 5.00 scooter found at a yardsale on Friday.  She can do tricks on a scooter. She can eat tomatoes. So you can see how this all works out well for her.)

Now we come to the sunglasses that were resting beside the tomatoes...recently found for 1.88 at a local discount store. I think I love them.  So does this owl.  That is why he is wearing them when I am not.

This container holds cat food and succulents.  I don't like it doing that, but it is here anyway.  Its purpose many years ago was to gift popcorn on a Valentine's Day.  Instead, it was bought on clearance after Valentine's Day.  It wants to be fun, and it is, just not holding cat food and succulents. 

Here is some cherry red on my FAVORITE blanket.  It was given while working at a camp about some 20 years ago now (I was working.  the blanket was not working)...this one week got so very cold, and so lots of blankets were donated.  We were meant to be together.  It keeps me warm, and goes with me outside and just is generally a loveable blanket.  My other favorite blanket is white and soft.  It stays in our bedroom.  It is not cherry red.

Are you getting weary of cherry red things yet?  Would you like an intermission?  noooo.
(I'm sorry, but there's no time.)

Here is some cherry red on the flowers and hummingbirds on a bag from Thailand (where we adopted Siri).  Looks more orangish on the picture huh?  Isn't it pretty?

Siri is pretty too, but she is not cherry red.  Here she is cheery, practicing sitting on her own.

Here is the BEST kind of cherry red.  clearance stickers!  especially at Tj Maxx.  This bargain item is non-fragrance shampoo for the girls. Clearance stickers are a chance to hoard stock up in a practical manner.

Finally, this guy was found in Sara's room.  It is a dog outfit.  It was 3 dollars at the Dollar General, and I thought it would fit her American Girl dolls.  It does, but her horse is wearing it.  Please disregard the creepy doll hand. She sleeps there all day and night beside this horse.  She sleeps more than me and doesn't have a morning disorder of any sort.

 oh no.  Bob Ross paint does not dry quickly.  After trying to put up the most dry border, it smeared  Barbie's kitchen walls.  Magic eraser to the rescue, but more smears cannot be risked.

We probably don't have much time left before the churchgoers arrive back, thus enforcing no electronics day.  

 What if I show you the kitchen without the trim?  
How about those bar lights that really light up?  Those are battery-operated, book lights from the dollar tree.  I hope to do a future play by play post for Barbie's kitchen.  

Tomorrow I will try to update with a kitchen trim photo. 

one last cherry for your Sunday.  

As Bob Ross would say,   "I'd like to wish each and every one of you happy painting.  We don't make mistakes.  We just have happy accidents.  I look forward to seeing you next time." 

...because every day is a happy day when we're painting. 

How are you making your 
today world beautiful?
(please comment and tell me)

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