Friday, May 23, 2014

Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo, Part 2

This week has been full of busy stuff. the good kind. School's winding down, and Sara was a shining star in her school's production this evening.  

We're also celebrating her birthday. I wasn't planning a party this year, but then husband Dion said, "Let's do something simple. I'll take care of it."  I'm pretty sure he was aware of the one hundred percent chance that I would somehow be the one to take care of it get involved.

The birthday allowance in our home is 30 dollars.  So my challenge this weekend is to host a fantastically, fun birthday party for 10 kids, while staying within my 30 dollar budget.

But first things first.  There was a part one of Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo, so a part two must follow.  

And so I now present to you part 2 of "Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo". (except there's no Armadillo in this part.  He's more of a part one Armadillo.  How ironic is it that his name is Armadillo and yet he has no arms? very. moving on...)

Once upon a many years ago, best friend and nurse Gretchen lovingly passed on a few hand-me-downs which included scrubs.  The first time I slipped that shirt over my head, a love relationship began. 
  (Do you work in a hospital you ask?  Are you a doctor you ask?  no. no again.)

That day forward, scrub tops have been worn for painting, gardening, and other types of project workings. They quickly become dirty and paint splattered, and then I love them all the more.  The two above were 4 dollars each.  They promptly received the most comfy award. In my ideal world scrubs would be worn all the time and everywhere, by everyone. that means you too.

This vintage paper find is perfect for a storybook cottage.  49 cents.
(Is this mouse painting?!)

Not only do I find vintage illustrations on stationary and in children's books uniquely beautiful, but if they truly are of vintage status (and not sold with royalties, for example, from an online source who owns the original print), it's acceptable to copy and do whatever with them. Which makes finding them that much more great.

The mouse and ladybug paper was just in time for Sara's special birthday letter.  Every year I write a letter to her future self, then send it back to our house. This way the date is officially added to it.

The letters will mysteriously remain sealed until some undetermined time, when she'll start getting them ON her birthday.  I hope to give her one each year, maybe starting with her later teenage years. (It's not all figured out.) As each letter is opened, I'm trusting she'll read just what she needs to hear in that moment, for that time in her life.

 And now, my friends, here is a gift for you! 

(Do you love it as much as I do?)

You may copy (cntrl+C+prnt scrn) this image, paste, crop, save it to your computer, and print.

To add text, open the saved image in a photo editing program. This image is somewhat blurry, as is the original. Sometimes vintage illustrations don't translate well into a high quality image.

Use it for recipe cards, invites, a note to a special someone...whatever you can imagine(just please don't sell the actual image, and if sharing online, please link back to here)
This concludes Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo.  Which was your favorite find?

Valuable doesn't=the highest, priced tag.

And so, if you stop by a thrift store this weekend, or if  yard sale balloons succeed at taunting you with their bouncing colors,  resulting in your discovery of the world's greatest treasure, come back and tell us all about it.  (an account is no longer needed to comment.)

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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