Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo, Part 1

Finally some time to sit down and share last weeks thrift store finds with you!

This visit was to a new thrift store in our area. very exciting.  Knowing almost 100% of my purchase benefits locals is one reason I enjoy thrift shopping. But mostly I like it, because it's cheap stuff. cheap stuff patiently waiting for me to root through it and conquer the greatest treasure.

the greatest treasure

I will now brag about these fine purchases.
Baskets were 50% off. This one was 2. Anything made with branches belongs in a cottage.  It must be mine.
(ice container underneath was .99)

Basket below was 1, ribbon .99, and the
books were buy one get one, so .99 for both.

The Client is for the boardwalk this summer, and the other for Sara's birthday (more about her book and birthday in the soon-to-be "30 Dollar Birthday Party Challenge" post).  But until her party this weekend, we have to keep it a secret. (shhhhhhh)

And the make-up....
(isn't the vintage stationary box pretty?)

MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and more.  In our budget, high end make-up (as in higher than a walmart or a few drug store priced cosmetics on amazon) is a no way Jose. All of this (including compact above) was 5All new, not a smudge on any of the surfaces.  

My best guess is the packaging was discontinued, and the make-up donated by a department store employee, since each can be bought online with new packaging.
Online price for all....
min. $160.00!!! woah. 

Here is a vintage desk chair perfect for
Sara's room make-over.  It was 10.
It will match her horse who is still dressed up as Santa
(see him in Cherry Red Sunday post here).
Stuffed Armadillo was won last Christmas during one of those "fight over gifts being passed around" games. He may be a dog toy.  (he is.  and makes awful noises when squeezed.)

He usually sits with the throw pillows on our bed, but comes downstairs on occasion.  He wanted to try out the new old chair and red lipstick.  He gets so frustrated, because his arms are too short to do much of anything really. I didn't want him wearing red lipstick anyway.

Typically (as in ever), I am not a red lipstick wearer.  Red gloss sometimes. But this one is actually pretty fantastic (it has a royal, purplish blue case with a crown embossed on it!, feels good, stays moist, doesn't smell yucky like some lipsticks, and is a very nice red).  

And yet there is a problem between me and red lipstick.

red lipstick, no teeth showing

red lipstick, teeth showing
Doesn't it make my teeth look yellowish? Also it would probably get all smeared up underneath my nose.  like a milk mustache, only red lipstick.

And yet.

A girl never knows when she might need red lipstick. Say, for example, when husband Dion dresses up like a woman.
 this happened.  more than once.
Okay. so maybe only when it's for good causes and stuff like that. but still.?!

Be like me and get your armadillo here.  (this one doesn't make crazy noises...just a nice, plush armadillo) 

There's more! Thrift Store Finds and an Armadillo, Part 2 coming soon. And I'm working on a small gift.

What are a few of your thriftiest finds?

How are you making your today world beautiful?
(talk to me)

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  1. Last week I bought James the game battleship for $3. Khloe an Adidas skirt for $2. And a pair of shoes for me $2. I was very pleased with what I got for $7.

    1. shoes for 2? yes please. those are some great deals Alison.


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