Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Barbie's Kitchen Trim Complete, A Wedding Eve, and Other Projects

Barbie's kitchen trim wasn't completely dry today (no more Bob Ross bargain paints for doll house projects), but dry enough to hang.

            ...promised photo
Cinderella barbie was just sitting here on these two chairs, chilling out in her boots. Her dining room table was missing.  It was in the ballroom set up like this.
(How does she keep her figure?)
Sara then said that tomorrow is Ken and Teresa's big wedding day. They've been sitting downstairs beside husband Dion's desk for the past week. Maybe they chose him for their premarital counseling? So I guess Barbie pink dress, above, set up the goodies for the party.

I gave Cinderella barbie a lollipop to keep her busy in the meantime.  It's doubtful she got an invite to the ball.  (see what I did there?)   

Here are pics of the bar lights when on.
Aren't they great?!
  These little girls are playing in the kitchen.  I don't think that brown-haired girl should be in the sink.  Get out of the sink little girl. The blond one (I get their names mixed up...Gabbi and Abby; they're twins)..well, she's having fun with their play kitchen.  That's a better idea than being in a sink.  It's nice how they can pretend cook while the women and one Ken of the house
for real pretend cook.

Also began working on the barbie house garage and finished the back part of Sara's castle bed...both made from painted cardboard, leftovers from her birthday party castle two years ago.  Here are those unfinished projects so far...
(eventually the plan is to install a working security system-and make it prettier)

 (the back part, against the wall was today...the front is plywood with cardboard window accents...needs door, sides, and rock-climbing wall)
The neighbor girls were over for a short, after-school visit.  The oldest ran back to their house to get her camera, and took a whole lot of pictures.  sweet.  The little one pulled out every toy possible in 45 minutes, chattering random things while I tried figuring out the garage.  I'm notsogood at question-answering while making stuff, but she sure is a cutie.

How are you making your today world beautiful?

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